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AJC International Is the Exclusive Authorized Importer of Evolved Genetics Supplements in India.

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Evolved Genetics is the #1 fitness supplements brand and the most reliable company in the fitness industry. This USA-based brand has shaken the Indian markets and has become one of the top fitness companies in India. This is our success story!

With 10 years of rich experience and expertise, our specialist experts handpick premium quality ingredients and curate extraordinary formulations to give 100 percent results! Our customers place their trust in Evolved Genetics because of the positive results yielded by our products. We continue to serve this fitness industry with our high-quality supplements that fulfill the various needs of our clients. Moreover, Evolved Genetics is also proud to have a rich network of about 500+ distributors and retail stores.

Here is the list of our supplements categories:

Protein Supplements:

Protein is one of the most basic nutrients that our body requires for an active lifestyle. Protein helps the body repair itself, boost metabolism and ensure a quick recovery. Evolved Genetics offers a wide range of Protein Supplements that include Whey Protein Concentrate, Whey Protein Isolate, Premium Protein Blend, and more exciting formulations that will help you fight fatigue and exhaustion from intense workouts.


Gaining weight requires a lot of effort and of course, a lot more calories than what your regular diet offers. Gainers are supplements that help you by increasing your calorie intake and adding to your lean muscle mass. This not only increases your weight and muscle mass, but it also provides energy throughout the day to relieve the stress of muscle fatigue. We at Evolved Genetics deeply relate to your concerns and have created an outstanding formulation in our series of Gainers that will make your fitness journey easier.

Pre/Post Workout Supplements:

Pre/Post Workout Supplements are specially formulated to provide you with the energy you need during the workout and the muscle recovery you require after an exhausting intense workout. With just normal food intake, one cannot suffice the energy that the body needs for an intense workout. Hence, Evolved Genetics has formulated a popular range of Pre/Post Workout supplements that give you the right shot of energy.

BCAA/Amino Acids Supplements:

We all know that the faster the muscle recovery the more intense the training. Hence it is essential for the muscles to make a blockbuster comeback after heavy workout sessions. This is why the body requires Branched Amino Acids (BCAAs), Essential Amino Acids (EAAs), and Glutamine. Evolved Genetics understands this requirement of your body and so we have curated BCAA/Amino Acids Supplements that will boost your energy, relieve fatigue and aid your muscles in quick recovery. 

Creatine Supplements:

Creatine is one such ingredient that fuels your body to improve your exercise performance and increases your muscle mass. Besides, this Creatine also aids in relieving muscle cramps and increases endurance and muscle strength. Evolved Genetics has a wide range of Creatine supplements that will help you boost your exercise performance and ensure overall relief from post-workout fatigue. 

Fat Burner Supplements:

If you are looking for that one accurate way to lose all excessive bad fat without losing your muscle mass, you are at the right place! Fat burners increase the metabolism of the body and thereby help the body to burn excessive fat naturally. Evolved Genetics has an amusing range of Fat Burner supplements with amusing ingredients like L-Carnitine that cut fat and help you maintain the body of your dreams.


When the daily diet falls short of all the essential nutrients that the body requires to make optimum use of the energy it produces, then it is necessary to open your ears and pay heed to your body’s needs. Multivitamins are very common supplements that cover a vast array of nutrients that meets the needs of those who work out on a regular basis. Evolved Genetics range of Multivitamins has everything you are looking for!

Know More About - Evolved Genetics Refund and Returns, Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy:

We at Evolved Genetics always keep our customers' satisfaction as a priority and strive to fulfill all your requests, orders, and queries on time. Know more about what we do, how our business model works, all our safety standards, and more in our policies. It is always advisable to read the policies, terms, agreements, and clauses before you enter into any kind of contract with us.

Refund and Returns Policy:

We have always welcomed our customers’ queries, issues, or any feedback with open arms. So, If you ever feel dissatisfied with your order for any reason, you can return your items for a proper refund or exchange within 10 days. Please make sure you read our Refund and Returns Policy before you proceed.

Terms & Conditions:

It is very important to know the policies, terms, and conditions of any brand before you get into an agreement. We are very transparent with our customers. To understand the product usage restrictions, pricing information, eligibility of usage, privacy, website security, or any product/service-related information and more, please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

Privacy Policy:

Evolved Genetics prioritizes your data safety. We understand how important your data is and our privacy policy states how we use your data, who can have access to your data and where your information is stored. See how your data is used by evolved genetics in our Privacy Policy.

For Queries, Reach Out to Us:

All products of Evolved Genetics have been certified by appropriate authorities. We ensure the premium quality of our products and live up to our name. Hence, if you come across any fraudulent misrepresentation of any information provided by us on any other site, you can report it to us. We will sincerely try our level best to resolve any issues that might arise.

In case you want to make a query regarding any product or have any complaint or report, you can feel free to directly get in touch with our customer care executives. You can ring us at +91-9592949810 or write to us at