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Omerta – Pre-Workout



Pre-workout is probably the most used supplement in the supplements industry nowadays as even non-fitness-related companies are coming up with their own pre-workouts.

However, a point that needs to be noticed is that not all pre-workouts have the best dosages to give you an extra kick to your workout. A lot of these pre-workouts have some ingredients that are very damaging to the nerve system and a few of them cause erectile dysfunction as well.

Keeping all these things in mind, Evolved genetics has come out with one of the best pre-workouts in the industry named Omerta, with an almost perfect dosage of all the ingredients that give you the perfect kick for your workout, making your workouts even better.

Here are ingredients, their dosages, and how they will be useful in your workouts –

2 g Citrulline Malate – Citrulline provides you one of the best pumps in your workouts as it increases vasodilation which widens the veins and makes your veins pump out of your muscles.

1.3g Beta-Alanine – Beat alanine provides your body that tingling that provides you the idea that the pre-workout has started kicking and it’s the time to hit your workout. Our muscles contain carnosine which is told to be beneficial for endurance and longer workouts, and the main ingredient of carnosine is Beta-Alanine. Hence, supplementing Beta-Alanine means better and longer workouts.

0.6g Agmatine Sulfate – Agmatine Sulfate is an ingredient that makes sure that even if you lift the maximum weight, you don’t feel pain in your muscles.

0.6g L-Tyrosine – L Tyrosine is an ingredient that provides you better mental alertness that makes sure that you don’t lose focus during your intense workouts.

425mg DMAE – DMAE provides several benefits during your workouts. It enhances athletic performance, it reduces hyperactivity, and it provides you a super vibe, and makes your mood better.

300mg of Phenylethylamine – It helps in focus; makes sure that you don’t get anxiety from other ingredients and also aids in weight loss.

187.5mg of Caffeine – Everyone knows that caffeine is a super ingredient of a pre-workout and 187.5 mg per serving will make sure that you have enough focus and enough kick to provide you an intense workout.

1,3 DMAA – This ingredient also has several benefits as it helps in cognitive function, it helps in weight loss, it increases athletic performance during workouts, etc.

50mg of Higenamine– It helps with better memory and better mental alertness.

200mcg Huperzine A – It provides better athletic performance and ups heart rate that aids in cardiovascular activities.

1.5mg Alpha Yohimbine – Helps in faster fat loss and making your pumps better during your intense workout.

All these ingredients make Omerta pre-workout from Evolved genetics, one of the best in the industry.


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