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Evolved Genetics Nitra Bay is a premium protein booster supplement that enhances muscle recovery and aids lean muscle growth. The mixed berries flavor is a must-have treat for your endless hustle. Evolved Genetics Nitra Bay offers a superior and premium blend of protein, which is an instantaneous release of whey protein isolate hydrolysate. 


It is loaded with glutamine and amino acid which in turn controls and regulates the release of the egg and the whey protein facilitates muscle recovery two-three hours post-workout. This unique combination of Evolved Genetics Nitra Bay gives you an immediate time-release recovery mechanism that serves as a boon to those who have intense workouts. Nitra Bay is the ultimate post-workout protein that will support and increase the rate of protein absorption, advances muscle recovery, and promulgate lean muscle gains.


Evolved Genetics Nitra Bay is a unique formulation of proteins, Vitamin A (as Retinyl Palmitate), Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid), Vitamin E (as D L-Alpha Acetate), Thiamin (as Thiamin HCL), Riboflavin, Nacin (as Niacinamide/ Nicotinamide), Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL), Folate (as Folic Acid), Vitamin B12 (a Cyanocobalamin), Vitamin B5 (as Pantothenic Acid), Calcium, Iron and Sodium among other great ingredients.


Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) supports and maintains excellent eye health. It is also well known for its benefits to strengthen the immune system. Retinyl Palmitate is widely known to enhance sexual performance and boost reproductive health.


Thiamin is also known as Vitamin B1. It enables the body to break down carbohydrates and convert them into a source of energy. Thiamin is essential for glucose regulation and metabolism in the body. This ingredient plays a key role in enhancing the functions of the nerve, muscle, and heart. 


Riboflavin widely known as vitamin B2 is used to prevent or treat the deficiency of Vitamin B2. This ingredient is needed to be present in sufficient amounts in your body to keep your skin, eyes, muscles, nerves, and red blood cells healthy.


Cyanocobalamin is essentially a form of vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 is important for muscle growth. It also increases cell reproduction within the blood and aids the blood formation process. All these ingredients make Nitra Bay an ideal post-workout supplement.


Apart from the above ingredients, Evolved Genetics Nitra Bay is also enriched with seeds and greens, as it also consists of Milk, Egg, Soy, Tree Nut(Coconut), and Wheat products. Thus making it a healthy blend to support additional fitness benefits. 


To get the maximum benefit of Evolved Genetics Nitra Bay supplement, Mix one heaping scoop of Nitra Bay with 8 ounces of cold water and consume immediately after your intense workout to maximize muscle recovery and battle fatigue. If you are pregnant, nursing, or taking medications, do consult a doctor or physician before use.

Evolved Genetics Nitra Bay is definitely one of the supplements you would want to have on your bucket list if you are a fitness freak. This supplement of Evolved Genetics has now become the most sought-after and a very trusted post-workout supplement all over the globe.


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