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April 27 2023

6 Powerful Workouts to Burn Fat Easily!

It is rather easy to say that one needs to burn fat rather than actually imply the process that one needs to undergo in order to achieve weight loss. There ...
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Post-workout meal ideas - indian version
March 28 2023

8 Indian Foods That Make a Perfect Post-Workout Meal

Post-workout nutrition is a critical part of any fitness routine. What you eat after a workout can truly affect your muscle recuperation and this can likewise help you understand your ...
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February 23 2023

How to Gain Mass at Home in 4 Effective ways

More than often people don’t realize the difference between fat gain and mass gain. To gain fat or to become fat/obese simply means that your fat intake is high. Whereas, ...
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Whey Protein Powder
January 20 2023

Add Whey Protein Powder to Your Diet in 8 Shocking Ways!

Before we take off, all you need to do is ask yourself: Why to make that same old shake with your whey protein powder when it can become an ingredient ...
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Protein-Rich foods and Protein supplements
December 19 2022

Top 6 Delicious Protein-Rich Foods That Aren’t Meat!

Before we make a direct deep dive into unveiling the list of Top 6 Delicious Protein-Rich Foods that aren’t Meat, let us first truly understand What protein is, Why does ...
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4 Ideal Ingredients your Pre-workouts or Pre-workout supplements must have!
November 24 2022

4 Ideal Ingredients Your Pre-Workouts Must Have!

Imagining a fitness industry without the boon of Pre-workouts can be very disappointing. Just a few years ago, protein shakes were a crucial part of the fitness regime. But now ...
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