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Evolved Genetics Omerta NO is a properly balanced muscle stimulating pre-workout supplement. It gives you the energy, strength, and the right push to work out intensely. Evolved Genetics Omerta NO is a must-have supplement for setting up a proper pre-workout routine. It increases endurance and performance which will enable you to train longer and more intensively without showing any signs of burnout.


Evolved Genetics Omerta NO supplement is a wonderful formulation of these prime Ingredients – Citrulline, ActiGin, Deer Antler Velvet Extract, AstraGin, Beta-Alanine among the other known ingredients.


Citrulline is involved in the urea cycle and the production of Nitric Oxide. Citrulline works as a vasodilator to augment the blood flow and oxygen circulation around the body. While Malate is a crucial component of the production of energy. 


It helps to generate ATP, which is the source of energy that your muscles use for contraction. The citrulline component of the Citrulline Malate will help to boost nitric oxide production and will reduce muscular exhaustion. Meanwhile, malate will promote aerobic metabolism, making sure your muscles receive enough energy to handle your longer workouts.


ActiGin is an exquisite pharma-grade element formed out of several regulated bioactives. It is mainly sourced from the Panax ginseng and Rosa roxburghii fruit. ActiGin works to boost the performance and recovery of the muscle through three main methodologies. 


Firstly, it increases muscle glycogen levels. Thus providing for your muscles to have more fuel to power through intense exercises. Secondly, it highly enhances the activity of an enzyme called citrate synthase. This Citrate synthase is the enzyme that is responsible for initiating a chain of chemical reactions that produce aerobic energy in the body. Finally, ActiGin can help lessen post-exercise swelling. This naturally speeds up muscle recovery.


Evolved Genetics Omerta NO also contains AstraGin, which is a natural compound comprised of profoundly fragmented Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus. Multiple pre-clinical examinations show that AstraGin has the ability to significantly enhance the absorption and penetration of key nutrients into the body. AstraGin has the ability to positively elevate the regulation of the transporter proteins.


Deer antler velvet extract has been scientifically proven to have enhanced athletic performance in many ways. In China, Korea, and Also some parts of Russia, Deer antler velvet extract is in demand and is widely used by athletes and sports freaks to improve performance. It helps to assist strength and endurance, by supporting the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. This is done by facilitating minor tissue damage thereby boosting the immune system.


Beta-alanine is commonly used for improving athletic performance. It also helps in building lean muscle mass in younger adults and improves physical performance in elderly adults. All these ingredients make Evolved Genetics Ometra NO one of the most sought-after pre-workout supplements.


A scoop of Evolved Genetics Omerta NO contains about 10 grams and each container serves 30+ servings approximately. Before consuming the directed amount of Evolved Genetics Omerta NO, one must consult a physician if they are pregnant, nursing, taking any other prescribed medications, or have any medical conditions. One must always consume a sufficient amount of water while taking this product. 


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