Myodrol Gold V8 – 30 Caplets


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Myodrol Gold V8 is one of the most dynamic products of Evolved Genetics as it supplements massive muscle growth and excellent gains that one desires. Evolved Genetics Myodrol Gold V8 is an advanced formulation of Myodrol Gold. This product is a metabolic agent that offers multiple benefits to the body. Myodrol Gold V8 comes under the category of non-hormonal anabolic or anti-catabolic compounds. These are safe for consumption and have absolutely no side effects or harm to the body.

When there is a high Cortisol secretion in the body, it causes a lot of problems like weight gain, excessive oil secretions, humping of the shoulders, and stretch marks all over the body. Hence, there is a need to lower the level of cortisol secretion. Evolved Genetics Myodrol Gold V8 is known to reduce cortisol levels in the body. Myodrol Gold V8 aids the body to bring down the excessive secretion of cortisol and maintain a healthy and fit body.

This supplement of Evolved Genetics is very well known as a helping hand in protein synthesis or the breaking down of proteins inside the body. It is a popularly known and scientifically stated fact that protein is the core of muscle building. Protein synthesis is necessary for the muscles as it is a metabolic process. In this metabolic process, the amino acids and the other proteins that have been taken, are incorporated into the bounds of the skeletal muscles.

This process makes sure that the protein that is consumed reaches the muscles. Evolved Genetics Myodrol Gold V8 increases the process of Protein synthesis. This gives the muscles repairing ability, which means that your muscles will have the power to repair the damage caused by intense & extreme workouts and bodybuilding sessions. Evolved Genetics Myodrol Gold V8 aids in overall muscle recovery by increasing protein synthesis.

Evolved Genetics Myodrol Gold V8 reduces excessive unwanted or bad body fat. Myodrol Gold V8 is also well known to lower the levels of cholesterol in the body. It promotes endurance and increases the state of vitality. It aids in building stamina and is widely used to increase the durability of performance. This supplement of Evolved Genetics relieves fatigue and exhaustion caused by highly intense workouts or fitness training sessions.

Myodrol Gold V8 increases the body’s ability to use oxygen. For any intense activity that is performed by the body, an immense amount of energy is required. This can be ensured only if all the nutrients consumed convert into oxygen and reach every nook and corner of the body via the red blood cells. When this happens, the body experiences more energy for intense workouts and can perform all the tasks with ease.

Before consuming this product, it is recommended to get the directions of a physician or a doctor. Myodrol Gold V8 is not advisable for anyone below the age of 18 years. Evolved Genetics Myodrol Gold V8 comes in a bottle of 30 caplets. All products of Evolved Genetics are properly certified and safe for consumption.


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