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Bodybuilding is all about muscle size and aesthetics. There are several intervals in a bodybuilder’s life when he feels that his muscle size isn’t going up and he needs to do something different and that is the time when he adds up a mass or muscle gainer to his diet which makes him huge. Mass gainers are like the most criticized supplements on planet earth mainly because of the sugar content in it. And mostly mass gainers are criticized by famous Youtubers who aren’t even bodybuilders themselves.

But, if you go a few years back, most of the huge bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Dorian Yates etc all were quite happy to consume mass gainers and that’s why when they came up with their own brands, they launched a line of mass gainers as well.

Mass gainers are actually one of the best supplements that one can use, as one can get a huge number of calories with great macros in just one serving. Therefore, if there is someone who hates to eat food can replace one of his meals with a delicious mass gainer. And that is why Evolved genetics has come up with one of the best mass gainers in the market i.e. Evolved genetics cruel mass. The ingredients of this gainer are so good that it is really hard to be criticized by anyone.

It has a serving size of 4 scoops i.e. 174.4 grams and in this huge serving size, you will find only 7g sugar, that’s it, no hidden sucrose or sucralose amount. One serving has 101g of carbohydrates, 53g of protein and 6g of fats along with 5g dietary fiber, which makes it one of the best mass gainers in the market. It mainly contains maltodextrin(93g) which is one of the most easily digestible ingredients in the market and it converts into glucose very rapidly, thus if this mass gainer is consumed post workout, all the muscle glycogen lost during workout will be filled again. It contains really high quality whey protein concentrate(47.7g) for muscle recovery. It also contains micellar casein(19.7g) which slowly releases the amino acids to the muscles and helps in maintaining muscle mass. It also has MCT powder which is a great source of energy and has several other health-related benefits also.

With all the above ingredients along with the name of Evolved genetics, cruel mass is one of the best gainers in the world right now, which can make you huge in literally no time.


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