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Get Your Body Back into Shape

If you think that hard work, sweat and training regimen are the only ways to get an ideal body shape then you have got it all wrong! It is a true fact that working out releases endorphins that make you and your body feel awesome. But by all measures, a sound nutritional program accounts for around 80 per cent of your desired result and the supplements provided by us are the key to a perfect body that you always dreamed of. Get your body back into shape with our effective, safe and result-giving supplements!



Made with Utmost Care For Athletes Too

Our best seller products have been serving athletes to boost aerobic/anaerobic threshold, endurance, VO2 max, muscle volume, diminish excess body fat, and improve athletic performance since 2010

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We ensure proven results along with a full one year guarantee of assured money-back and hassle-free returns.

Complimentary Personalized Assistance

At Evolved Genetics, our highly reputed nutritionists are enthusiastic about providing personalized solutions to help you accomplish the outcomes you have been eagerly looking out for.

Dynamic Formulas

10 years of our research has been devoted to the best and most efficient scientifically proven formulations that start showing results from the very first dose.

Product Transparency

All the products/supplements of Evolved Genetics are manufactured in the U.S.A. The Certificate of Analysis is available for every product on request.

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